Open bank account in Austria

The following proposal is dedicated to our most demanding clients who require a high-quality service by opening a bank account in Austria. However, it is necessary to indicate two important conditions that the bank requires from the client, one of which is the minimum opening amount which is high, 300 thousand for personal accounts and 500 thousand for corporate accounts, so if you do not is a client with this profile, it is better that you address at this moment to our bank articles in San Vicente or Belize, which ask for much lower and accessible minimum deposits for you, as well as opening from the comfort of your home, without future visit to the bank.

Another important requirement to consider when opening a bank account in Austria is that banks offering their services to non-residents can open these accounts REMOTELY but within a period of no more than 6 months they need to know their customer in person, This meeting can be held in Vienna or in some other country agreed between client and bank, which in one way or another will consume a couple of days for the trip. If you are a customer who is unable to travel to Europe then see our section on Opening Bank accounts abroad remotely.

Continuing with Austria despite the two requirements that other offshore banks do not request, opening a bank account in Austria has its advantages, see below because.

Austria is not only a country that benefits you because of its geographical location but also enjoys strict confidentiality and bank secrecy rules which is guaranteed.

You will not only have your money and trust deposited in a European bank of great prestige but you will also enjoy creative financial solutions that fit the needs of your company or your family heritage.

The Austrian bank we are talking about in this article was founded in Vienna in 1999, with the sole objective of offering personalized banking solutions to high net worth clients, both resident and foreign. Providing a wide range of solutions for your corporate finances, thus seeking to preserve your capital. With a versatile approach to asset management and focusing on achieving ambitious objectives, minimizing your risks, the bank will be an option you will not regret.

The accounts available in this bank are multi-currency accounts, current accounts, and investment accounts.

On the other hand, you can also make transactions in the following currencies: AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, USD.

Among some of the banking services offered are the following:

  • Investment Banking and Private Banking
  • Investment consulting
  • Asset Management
  • Structuring and operation of foundations, trusts and family office
  • Mastercard Cards
  • Alternative investments
  • Payment card services
Services and Account Management Costs
Opening account 300 eur
Closing the account 50 eur
Online Banking (quarterly) 60 eur
Monthly account statement (first) GRATUITOUS

For convenience and independence in transactions or the use of the bank, it is recommended that you speak at least English since the bank only offers its services in this language, as well as in Russian and of course German. Although you can also like many of our clients when meeting with bank executives within the established 6 months, hire the services of a translator if necessary.

How to open a bank account in Austria?

When we talk about first level banks, it is very difficult for you to approach the bank and ask to open an account as we can do in the commercial banks of our locality, so in order to access and be a client here, we need to do it through an agent.

White Group, is a group of consultants and specialized agents that can help you in opening your account abroad not only in Austria but also in various Caribbean jurisdictions such as, Curaçao or in Europe in countries such as Luxembourg or Switzerland.

You can contact them by sending an email to [email protected] , among the services they will offer you are the banking introduction, the primary identification procedure of you client, organization of the online meeting with the executives of the bank and the meeting staff a few months later, as well as the revision of the documents and forms requested by the bank, thus avoiding its rejection. All of the above, listed as an account opening management service, has a cost of 700 euros for the opening of a corporate account in this bank and 500 euros for the opening of personal accounts.

To open a corporate account you will need the following documents:

For each director or shareholder of the company the following certified documents:

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Bank reference
  • Public service’s bill

In addition to the following:

  • Set of standard company documents
  • Certificate of validity
  • Proof of funds source
  • A detailed description of the business
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association or Bylaws
  • Act of meeting of the shareholders where the director (s) of the company is named
  • List of shareholders
  • Share Certificate

If you want to enjoy the private banking of Austria and maintain banking secrecy, obtaining high-quality services, do not wait any longer and start your process today, contact the professionals by mail [email protected].